I create compelling and engaging experiences across multiple platforms. At the heart of my design process I strive to balance the needs of users with the business objectives of my clients. This portfolio showcases my approach to user experience and interaction design.

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I’ve worked with some of the largest and best-known commercial and public sector organisations in the United Kingdom in both freelance and permanent capacities.


Design process

Below is a diagram showing my approach to the user experience design process. Like the Agile framework I often work within, it is not rigid — I believe in a flexible and pragmatic approach adapted to best suit both the needs of the client and project. Most importantly, the design process must enable iteration as ideas and products evolve. While user testing is a key task, all work should be validated with users as often and as early as possible.


Previous projects

Asda easter promotion (Asda/VCCP, 2014)

As part of a easter promotion for Asda, agency VCCP were briefed to create an interactive microsite to tie in with a television campaign. The project required a fast turn around in order to deliver it in time for the start of the television campaign.



Asda easter promotion wireframe example

My role was to clarify the user journeys within the project and wireframe a simple yet intuitive interface for users to create customized animations that tied in with the campaign. The result was an engaging microsite designed responsive first for a consistent experience across all platforms.

Sinfini Music (Universal Music, 2012-2014)


Sinfini Music is a classical music portal aimed at re-vitalising the classical market from Universal Music. As the lead user experience designer I took the project from inception to launch: from sketches and wireframing through to persona development, information architecture and user testing. This was a long term, in-depth project that grew from an initial brief through to a full website brief.

Initial sketches and final wireframes showing development of concept
Wireframe and design for improved article and content pages
Persona development based on market research and workshops
Click heat maps from user testing
Example of userflows looking at experience for international users visiting Sinfini Music

Commonwealth War Dead: WW1 Visualised (2013, personal project)


In the lead up to the centenary of the First World War I was curious as how it might be possible to visualise the massive death toll and ultimate tragedy of the conflict.

I began exploring the data and after tried many different approaches at visualising the data before opting to go for a very long horizontal layout to work well on tablet/mobiles as well as conveying a sense of time and gradual build up of total deaths.

Early sketches exploring ways of presenting data and navigating a large data set

While a personal project it challenged and expanded my pre-existing experience in both data visualisation and user experience design to create a compelling yet tragic look at the legacy of the First World War.

BBC (2009-2012)

While working at the BBC I undertook many projects within the User Experience and Design teams of BBC World Service, BBC News and BBC Sport. My work included product design and development, prototyping and user testing. Many of these projects were syndicated and translated into Spanish, Russian, Arabic and many other languages for use by BBC World Service language sections.

Athletes Like You (BBC, 2012)


Athletes Like You was an interactive visualisation that allowed users to see what Olympic medal winners shared a similar height and weight. Originally for the BBC World Service’s language services, it was also syndicated in English by BBC News.

I pitched and progressed the idea from concept phase through to prototype, design, build and final deployment which met with great success online: over 50,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Initial sketches and an early interactive prototype
Athletes Like You featured on BBC Breakfast, July 2012

BBC Cricket World Cup (BBC, 2011)


This project had a loose brief: using existing BBC resources, create an engaging and re-usable set of modules for BBC Hindi and BBC Urdu for the 2011 ICC World Cup. My role involved early technical exploration to see what automated feeds could be used for the project and how they might translate into a final product.

Early conteptual sketches

Sketching and prototyping were key to realising the final product which aimed to visualise each cricket match and give a quick at-a-glance view of each game: breaking out of the usual number-heavy and difficult to read cricket score card.

Interactive prototype of the module

The design had to work in both Hindi and Urdu — which included provision for a right-to-left user interface for Urdu.

Time-lapse demonstration of game module in action

Archived matches from the 2011 World Cup can be viewed on the BBC World Service website.

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