Gmail Zombie Feedback pop up: personal annoyance or nagware?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 9:52 am

Gmail launched a new look a few weeks ago. In my mind it was nothing particuarly revolutionary, just a general tightening of the design. Still, in essence, the same old Gmail.

Since this launch, I’ve noticed that Google is keen to hear my feedback on the new design.

Really keen.

At first I just hit the close button. The second, third and possibly fourth time I did the same. Possibly the fifth time it appeared, I actually gave them feedback, telling them not to worry — the new design was fine, but please stop pestering me with the pop up.

Gmail feedback

Yet it kept coming back. It’s like a zombie: it won’t die unless you shoot it in the head. But the problem is, I don’t know where the head is.

Resident Gmail

Last Sunday, I knew I was going to be on my computer most the day doing work. First thing that greeted me when I checked my email? Of course, the pop up. So between now and then I’ve been taking screenshots every time it’s appeared. Between now and then, I’ve restarted Chrome and my computer several times, logged in and out of Google, submitted more feedback begging for them to stop bugging me and even took the damn tour of their new Gmail in a vain effort to get this black box out of my inbox. And it’s the same situation on my work computer: at least a few times a day, my little black box friend will rear its ugly little head.

It just won't go away: Gmail feedback

I’ve feedback to Google twice about this, and heck I’ve even tried tweeting Gmail. What can possibly stop this menace?

Contact-Us - Google

Now, this is where I’m interested to see whether this is just a personal overreaction to a tiny detail. I’m a bit obsessive about details. I have zero unread emails in my inbox, and it sends a cold shiver down my spine when I see people with even a few unread emails not attended too. Perhaps this pop up is annoying me because it’s interfering with my carefully groomed email environment?

Or maybe it’s more that when a user sees an ‘x’ icon on anything, it’s an expectation that once you have clicked on that ‘x’, whatever dialogue is attached will disappear, forever, unless the user takes action that justifies its return.

And I haven’t done anything to justify its return. Why are Google doing this? Is the code to keep it hidden broken, or is a strategy to painfully wring as much feedback out as possible?

And is this annoying anyone else as much as me?

Update, 17th November 2011: Well, seems I’m not the only one who’s been bugged by this:

But, that said, I haven’t seen the pop up for a few days. Hooray!

4 Responses to “Gmail Zombie Feedback pop up: personal annoyance or nagware?”

  1. Jesse says:

    Annoying? I’ll tell you what’s annoying me… the sign in button!

    Why can’t it match the other buttons :(

  2. James says:

    I haven’t seen that one for ages Jesse? I guess the web 2.0 gradient buttons are still kicking around…

  3. Jesse says:

    I guess so… considering the big UI overhaul of late it seems odd the Gmail Sign in button gets overlooked though yeah?

  4. Maya says:

    I hate the new GMAIL Design, and want to remain on the old version, as one
    has the theme is UGLY! As in the old system one does not have many options
    to change the look. What is on offer is again EXTREMELY AWFUL!!!

    If I am forced to live with the NEW VERSION I will LEAVE GMAIL!!!

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