A single serving site story: Epilogue

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at 1:35 pm

In July 2011 I wrote about the story (so far) of hasandrevillasboasbeensackedyet.com — a ‘single serving site’ I created spoofing Chelsea FC’s ‘revolving door’ history of managerial changes — and whether new coach André Villas-Boas had indeed been sacked yet.

Almost a year on and Chelsea has indeed won the elusive European trophy that owner Roman Abramovich has been after for almost a decade. But in early March 2012, if you told any Chelsea fan they would go on to lift the Champions League cup (and the FA Cup as well), they would probably find it hard to believe. After losing to Napoli in the first match of the Champions League knock-out round and drawing 1-1 with Birmingham in the FA Cup, silverware for Chelsea was looking like a tough task. Compounding this with a series of below par results in the Premier League, the pressure on André Villas-Boas was really building. Chelsea’s defeat to West Brom on the 3rd of March was the last straw for Abramovich: on Sunday 4th of March Villas-Boas and Chelsea FC officially parted ways.

For a long time I wondered what I was actually going to do when (and if) Villas-Boas was actually sacked. Changing the big ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ as soon as the news spread was vital for the main point of the entire concept to be realised (although I’m not really sure what the main point actually was). I’d had a ‘yes’ page ready to go since August; and luckily I was at home when I first heard that AVB had been sacked, so switching the graphics was easy enough. And sure enough, traffic spiked on 4th of March: the site received well over 100,000 visits that day.

Unsurprisingly, traffic to hasandrevillasboasbeensackedyet.com surged after poor performances

The rest of the story, in all cheesiness, is history. Assistant Manager Roberto di Matteo became caretaker manager and only days later he defeated Birmingham in an FA Cup replay to ultimately lead Chelsea to lift that trophy at Wembley — and also defeating Napoli, Benfica, Barcelona and finally Bayern Munich to lift the Champions League trophy. In fact someone registered the domain hasrobertodimatteobeensackedyet.com on the same day of AVB’s dismissal (and the design of the site bears quite some similarity to its predecessor — as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). However, after Di Matteo’s quite remarkable performance in winning two trophies, I can’t help but think this website will remain unupdated for quite a while.

One last footnote: the highlight over all of this entire story, for me, was finding this in Google Analytics:

Eleven visits from Chelsea FC. Priceless.

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